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My photo Type cedula

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My name is JOHAN Sebastian Fuentes Villalba,

was born on May 16, 1997, this is a photo not casual,

in which I see myself as pretty rare but in which

I'll take into account

in a few years for my passport.

My Family

Pulsa para ver mi cara Pulsa para ver mi mamá Pulsa para ver mi papá Pulsa para ver mi hermana Pulsa para ver mi hermano Pulsa para ver mi perro Mapa

This is my FAMILY, is very special to them I love

them because I have known love,

patience, correct, etc..

Thanks to my mom I am.

My pet

Tamaño original

My kitten is called MOTAS, she is a very naughty girl

playful, etc. Her I love her but

sometimes anger takes me,

oh and their aruñones eye.

I and my pet

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My PET is very nice, it is a good companion,

playful light, tender, and likes

to be stroked and overeating.

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My friends

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They are my FRIENDS, I love them very,

very good friends, very good to

welcome people, are lively, funny, etc..

They make me laugh a lot.

What I like to do

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In my free time I like to play much my FAVORITE, is pasear

the paseo is very important to me,

as my mom drove me much because

I've known for being a good pasear.

In future

Tamaño original

In the future ARRIVE be a PROFESSIONAL,

be an intellectual person, being an educator

very highlights, to get

my family together and depend myself.

Where I want to study

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I want to STUDY in college teaching,

this university is located in the capital of Colombia is,

Bogotá is what I have understood is one of the

best public university city of Bogotá.

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